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Two Korean men driving in a red 1970s Pony along a tree-lined road with mountains on the horizon.
Heritage story

Hyundai Heritage x Jannabi
Take a trip down memory lane, in a Pony

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What is it that defines who we are today? We at Hyundai believe it’s the cherished, bright moments that transcend time. The moments that support and propel us forward make our heritage. Following the premiere of the 'PONY, the timeless' exhibition that started this June, our Heritage music project invites you to join us in meaningful discussions on heritage as we explore the rich tapestry of our collective history.

What better way is there to fuse emotion with words than through music? The Heritage music project is proudly collaborating with celebrated Korean band Jannabi to capture our heritage story in a song. With Jannabi’s blend of nostalgic melodies and captivating lyrics – that strike a chord with fans of all ages – the band brings a unique perspective to the project.

By infusing their creative input, Jannabi truly embodies the essence of collaboration, offering a fresh and original take on Hyundai's legacy. Join us on a trip down memory lane by listening to our song 'pony.'

Driver's side close-up of a red 1970s Pony. Two Korean men are driving along a tree-lined road with mountains on the horizon, with “pony” branding overlay.

Our dreams hiding in the
backseat of her
youthful ride
Oh the reflection of her
little eyes and smiles
Her youthful notes and
melodies Jannabi

Capturing memories

Pony, reminiscing about the past.
The Jannabi collaboration song 'pony' is a heartfelt tribute to Hyundai's roots and the beloved Pony. Korea’s first independently developed model holds a special place in many Koreans’ hearts for being their first “my car.” The song artfully captures that special feeling while portraying his own cherished moments of Choi Junghoon – the Jannabi vocalist – from his mother singing her favorite songs in their car, to nurturing his dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter.

The music video brings Choi Junghoon’s journey to life. The scenes evoke nostalgia for those who share Pony memories. They also let a new generation in on Pony’s timeless appeal. Listen to 'pony' to relive the enduring heritage values that keep us moving forward.

Passenger’s side view of Choi Junghoon with longish hair leaning out of the window of a metallic-beige Pony.  Choi Junghoon with a longish hair looking through records in a record store with a girl in a red coat listening to music through headphones.
Choi Junghoon from the back seat of Pony. His hands are on the steering wheel, and is looking into the rear-view mirror.

Pony, journey to the past

The 'pony' music video takes us on a journey to the past, through the memories of a man who is overwhelmed and is trying to change the past. Through the journey, he revisits pivotal moments of reconnecting with his music-loving mother and the cherished music they shared. The detailed scenes from his childhood let us feel what he feels.

The music video's detailed props and settings – including CDs, vintage players, and a quince in the car – draw inspiration from Junghoon’s personal experiences. These elements symbolize the protagonist's profound connection to his past and with his mother when she was in her 20s.

As the music video beautifully captures the essence of Seoul's vibrant 7080 era, you can explore your own heritage. Immerse yourself in the iconic “University Music Festivals” in Korea and the soulful spirit of K-music through Jannabi's captivating voice. Be part of the heartfelt expedition that traces the past that shapes us.

A man and woman talking under a street lamp at night behind a 1970s red Pony parked on a tree-lined street. A lone quince sitting on the dashboard of a 1970s metallic-beige Pony.
Two band members of Jannabi playing their electric guitars singing on a 1970s-looking stage with sound equipment and the band name in the background.

There she goes
To find a better day
A day far, far away
Of a far faraway past

Pony, IONIQ 5, and the future

In the 'pony' music video, Pony and IONIQ 5 are showcased representing the connection to the future. Pony, which has transformed over time, and the futuristic IONIQ 5 both symbolize Hyundai's Heritage and vision for the future.

Continuing its 57-year legacy, Hyundai now finds itself at the beginning of another exciting chapter. As the world continues to advance beyond electric vehicles in the artificial intelligence (AI) and the robotics spaces, the entrepreneurial spirit embodied in our Pony – our first pioneering success – is with us. Take a trip down memory lane with the 'pony' song and look toward the future with Hyundai.

Hyundai Motor Company is driven by the pursuit of humanity. Keep informed of Hyundai’s future and heritage-focused projects and discover more about the captivating heritage story by following Jannabi (@bandjannabi) and @hyundai.motorstudio on Instagram.


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