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A picture of the MLB World Tour Seoul Series 2024 logo.

First-class baseball
and a first for Seoul

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This year, a thrilling and action-packed sporting event is coming to Seoul, the MLB World Tour Seoul Series, which we are proud of and officially sponsoring for!
For the first time, the Major League Baseball (MLB) organization will kick off its Global World Tour in Seoul with an opening, two-game match between the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. This first season game will take place inside Seoul's iconic Gocheok Sky Dome from March 20 to 21, 2024. Baseball fans across South Korea and the world can look forward to two unforgettable days of first-class baseball and an exciting array of activities and events.

Game on!

As an official sponsor of the MLB World Tour Seoul Series, we are proud to help bring the excitement and action of major league baseball to fans at home and worldwide. Seoul is one of four stops in the league's global tour, which also includes Mexico, The UK, and The Dominican Republic. The two-day match promises to be full of highlights, cliffhangers, and new records. The Seoul kick-off match will see the first international debut of world-class MLB player Shohei "Showtime" Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the first game for San Diego Padres Ha-seong Kim, who is the first Asian-born infielder to win the Golden Glove Award.

A pentagonal shaped baseball park home plate is placed on the soil and it says Welcome to home of Hyundai.

A first debut for hydrogen buses

As part of its commitment to the MLB World Tour Seoul Series, We want to get everything off to the best and emission-reducing start possible. That's why we will provide six Universe hydrogen fuel cell electric buses for team movement and other passenger vehicles for easy transport support during the games. This is set to be the first time hrdrogen-powered buses will be used in the Major League, marking a milestone in baseball history. Additionally, we plan to provide one GV 80, one G80, three IONIQ 5, three IONIQ 6, three Staria 7-seater, and one Staria 9-seater as official vehicles for the players during their stay. It's our way of helping make the participants' stay in Seoul much better.

Hyundai Motor's hydrogen electric bus is running under Gocheok Sky Dome, where the opening game of MLB will be held.

The road trip to remember

As a sponsor of the symbolic and must-see series, all our communication centers around the concept of "The first road." The concept name combines the first-time aspect of the MLB World Tour Seoul Series and "road," which in baseball terminology always applies to away games. The concept name also takes into account the many "firsts" that are sure to be celebrated at the two-day match.
During the series, we will commemorate exceptional sporting highlights, like "The first IONIQ Home Run" event, where the player who hits a home run for the first time during the opening two days of the game will receive an IONIQ 5. Guess who will hit the first home run during the Seoul Series!

A detailed view of the baseball stadium in Gocheok Sky Dome is spread out, and the logo of Hyundai and MLB is engraved on the bottom right of the picture.

Setting the stage for unforgettable games

We also held a customer participation event to highlight the games and get people excited for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The event took place in South Korea and Japan between late February and early March. All those who test-drove a Hyundai EV were eligible to participate in an MLB World Tour lottery, where they could win tickets. It was a perfect combination of motivating people to get in the stadium by getting them behind the wheel of our many electric vehicles.

Under the sunny sky, Hyundai Motor's hydrogen-electric bus is speeding along the highway.

The IONIQ 5 in team colors

Inside the Gocheok Sky Dome, fans can look forward to world-class major league baseball. But there's something extraordinary to see outside the stadium as well because we will also be exhibiting our Hyundai Motor IONIQ 5 art car, specially made for the Seoul Series. The IONIQ 5 art car is sure to become a must-see for customers visiting the stadium and was created using the logos and symbolic colors of the LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres.

There is a back wall behind the Ioniq 5, and stickers symbolizing the LA Dodgers and SD Padres are attached to the back wall. The vehicle and back wall are decorated in the colors of the LA Dodgers and SD Padres.
Hyundai Motor's hydrogen electric bus is parked at Incheon International Airport waiting for MLB players to enter.

Being the first is a long-lasting tradition at Hyundai

As an automotive company and innovative mobility provider, we are committed to continually being the first to introduce new technology and solutions for the benefit of humanity. And just like a good baseball game, we have scored significant home runs in the past and present, such as with the first overseas export of the now iconic Pony, the launch of the first hydrogen truck, and pioneering V2L functionality. Our official sponsorship of the MLB World Tour Seoul Series now marks a new company history milestone. We are excited and honored to host such an epic sporting event, represent our nation, and show the world our dedication to new mobility solutions for everyone.

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Some panoramic views of Gocheok Sky Dome can be seen, and the side of Hyundai Motor's Art Car and Backwall can be seen in front of it.


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