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A close up of the Parametric Pixel taillight on the Heritage Series Grandeur lit up in orange.
Heritage model

The Heritage Series Grandeur:
A modern take on the 1986 flagship sedan

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We’re celebrating the 35th anniversary of our 1986 Hyundai Grandeur flagship sedan with an electrifying retro concept. With an electric powertrain and all-new light and sound features, the Heritage Series Grandeur will seduce you with its ‘80s nostalgia, cutting-edge technology, and luxurious interior.

Celebrating 35 years of the Hyundai GRANDEUR

We first released our Hyundai Grandeur as our flagship sedan in 1986. It held a special place in our hearts back then, and today, after 6 generations of development you probably know this iconic saloon in the form of our Hyundai AZERA models.

To celebrate our beloved sedan's 35th birthday, we have taken the original 1986 model and reimagined it for the 21st century and beyond. The result is the Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Series concept. This is our second Heritage Series concept after the Heritage Series Pony and, just like the reimagined Pony, our new Grandeur takes fans back to this iconic car’s heyday in effortless ’80s style while transporting them, and us, into the future.


Looking back to look forward

Although it looks fit for the road, the Grandeur Heritage Series sedan will never make production. Instead, the Heritage project is a chance for us to look at our back catalog to inspire our future designs. As with the IONIQ 5 and its subtle nods to the Pony, the Heritage Series Grandeur looks even better thanks to its rich heritage.

As our designers conceive the future, it's important to look back on what we've created in the past and find inspiration in it. HAK-SOO HA, HEAD OF INTERIOR GROUP OF THE HYUNDAI DESIGN CENTER

This project, led by our interior design team, was carried out on a genuine first-generation Grandeur. This first model holds so much symbolism for us as a brand and for our fans who grew up with these cars.

We made sure that the new model retained most of the original design cues. But the first-generation Grandeur has been completely overhauled and redesigned as an all-electric car with an ultra-modern interior wrapped in burgundy velvet and Napa leather. The new Grandeur also highlights our Parametric Pixels just like the IONIQ 5 and our new Seven SUEV concept, which we unveiled at the 2021 AutoMobility show in LA on November 17.


Heritage meets cutting-edge technology

From the outside, the Heritage Series Grandeur retains a lot of its old charm. But, if you look closely, you can see several exciting updates, such as new side mirrors, covered wheels, slide cladding and Parametric Pixel headlights and taillights that hint at what’s powering the new concept car – the new electric powertrain consisting of a battery and a motor – that replaces the original’s combustion engine.

Inside, however, it’s a different story. It’s here that we have used the Newtro (newness + retro) concept theme to present a completely new interior, which is lit with atmospheric retro bronze lighting and fitted with a suite of next-generation technology and features, including a widescreen display with an integrated soundbar.

dash board

The interior boasts a beautiful combination of past and present. Although entirely remodeled, the interior maintains the Grandeur's ‘80s vibe and features some of the sedan’s original features which were completely new at the time, like the single-spoke steering wheel and jet airplane-style gear selector.

The upper part of the dashboard now has a modern and eye-catching ultra-wide display. The long vertical display at the bottom of the center fascia serves as the main controller of the infotainment system. It allows drivers to access multimedia content, select their driving mode. There's also another vertical display below the dashboard for HVAC and infotainment system controls.

Luxurious finishes

Velvet connects the 1986 Grandeur and the Heritage Series Grandeur. This soft and exquisite fabric adds an element of luxury and nostalgia to the upholstery.

You hardly see velvet in car-making today, but it was considered one of the highest quality materials like Alcantara or Napa leather when the 1986 Grandeur sedan originally went on sale. Inspired by the original Grandeur's velvet and fabric-finished door trim, we have used both leather and velvet to cover the seats.


The front seats are fitted with burgundy velvet, inspired by the original Grandeur, with an unexpected twist – on the back, you will find elegantly stitched and laced up auburn Napa leather. Leather is also used for the center console in the first and second rows and in the door trim to give the interiors a cohesive and lavish feel.

The storage spaces have also been elevated to rival the work of experienced leather craftsmen or makers of high-end furniture. The storage box in the door trim was inspired by luxury clutch bags while the simple, classy storage covering of the center console and dashboard was inspired by the materials used on classic speakers and grand pianos, respectively. Perhaps best of all, the center console comes complete with a hidden watch slot, which can be used to store all kinds of valuables.

With the Heritage Series Grandeur, our designers have reinterpreted an important part of Hyundai's history as a wonderfully unique blend of vintage and contemporary that reflects the boundless possibilities of our EV era. HAK-SOO HA, HEAD OF INTERIOR GROUP OF THE HYUNDAI DESIGN CENTER

Get lost in the music with the 4way sound system

The Heritage Series Grandeur is also fitted with a four-way speaker system, designed by a renowned sound designer. This 4way sound system offers unparalleled acoustics as it consists of a mid-woofer, main woofer, and 18 speaker units. Most car sound systems have a two-way or three-way speaker system with a woofer, mid-range, and tweeter. It provides a true one-of-a-kind audio experience thanks to its magnificent clarity, deep bass, and richer and colorful sounds.

What’s more, the design of the center console and dashboard was based on the acoustic theory used in concert halls. The speakers located at the left and right corners have been tilted at a 45-degree angle toward the center of the cabin to carry the sound throughout the cabin, so you can sit back and let the music transport you to another time and place.

Compose songs on the road with the virtual piano

The digital display at the bottom of the center fascia is home to yet another interesting feature – a virtual piano.

Inspired by famous artists who have been composing music in their cars instead of in studios, we decided to provide a richer in-vehicle musical experience in collaboration with musical instrument manufacturer Samick. With people now spending more time in their cars, this is particularly good news for anyone who wants to channel their creativity while on the move.


Let there be light

Another distinctive feature of the Heritage Series Grandeur is its lighting. The beam of ambient bronze light, which begins at the left and right ends of the dashboard extends around the cabin and lights up the B-pillars. The silhouette of the speaker is also highlighted when the flow of light hits it. The sensuous roof lighting is reflected around the cabin with the help of 'infinity mirrors', parallel mirrors that create myriad reflections, which makes the interior look much more spacious.

bronze light

Bringing our Heritage cars into the 21st century

Having reimagined our 1975 Pony and 1986 Grandeur as EV concepts, we will continue to rediscover our brand values through our Heritage Series. Following the success of our first Heritage Series-Pony, our next concept model will be a modern take on the first-generation 1991 Hyundai Galloper.

Look out for the innovative concepts, designs, and materials showcased through this project in our upcoming models.

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